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Why Testosterone Levels Decline

Testosterone levels start declining after age 30, dropping about 1% per year. There are several reasons why testosterone deficiency occurs:

Primary Hypogonadism

This means the testicles do not produce enough testosterone due to one of these:

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Secondary Hypogonadism

This means the testicles are normal but the pituitary gland does not signal properly to produce testosterone. Causes include:

Lifestyle Factors

Unhealthy lifestyle choices contribute to low testosterone:

Diagnosing low testosterone requires a simple blood test. Hormone Health Institute provides affordable panels to check hormone levels.

Signs and Symptoms

The symptoms of testosterone deficiency include:

Physical Changes

Emotional Changes

Other Symptoms

If not treated promptly, low testosterone can significantly impact quality of life. Make an appointment at Hormone Health Institute to get tested if exhibiting any signs of deficiency.

Get tested for low testosterone at Hormone Health Institute.

Who Needs Testosterone Replacement Therapy

The Endocrine Society provides guidelines on who should receive testosterone replacement therapy (TRT):

Additionally, patients may be considered for TRT if testosterone levels are borderline and they have definitive signs/symptoms of deficiency.

Butler receives abundant sunshine year-round, making it an ideal location for testosterone therapy. Regular walking outdoors aids the recovery process. We recommend the beautiful paths at Alameda Park and El Dorado Park.

Starting Testosterone Replacement Therapy

The process of beginning TRT involves:

Medical Evaluation

Blood Testing

Select Treatment Method

We educate each patient to make the best choice for their needs and lifestyle.

Interesting fact

Testosterone therapy can improve bone density in older men with osteoporosis, increasing bone strength and reducing risk of fractures. This benefit is not often mentioned but suggests testosterone treatment may help some men avoid bone loss as they age.

Testosterone Injections Explained

Testosterone injections are intramuscular shots given in clinics or self-injected at home.

Two Types of Injections

Most patients start with 200 mg injected every 2 weeks. Dosage may be adjusted based on follow-up blood work and symptom monitoring.


Side Effects

We provide instructional materials on properly administering testosterone injections.

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What To Expect - The First Year On TRT

Testosterone therapy is a long-term commitment with gradual improvements over months.

First Month

Three Months

Full Effects

Takes 9-12 months to realize the full scope of testosterone's benefits:

TRT results may vary - Hormone Health Institute monitors progress with follow-up blood work and consults. We tweak protocols as needed to help each patient achieve their optimum hormonal balance.

Integrative Lifestyle Strategies

TRT should be paired with healthy lifestyle approaches to yield enhanced results:


Excellent local gyms include Butler Fitness & Boxing, Planet Fitness, and the YMCA.


Stress Management


Integrating lifestyle measures magnifies the benefits of TRT.

Why Choose Hormone Health Institute Butler

When seeking testosterone therapy, choose an experienced clinic you can trust.

Board Certified Specialists

Our physicians complete residencies in internal medicine, urology, or endocrinology and pass rigorous exams to become board certified. We stay current on the latest medical research through continuing education.

Personalized Treatment Plans

We listen to your unique symptoms, health history, and goals to tailor therapeutic protocols to your needs. Follow-up is meticulous - with blood work and symptom reviews, we fine-tune your treatment plan until optimal results are achieved.

Seamless Insurance Billing

Our staff handles all paperwork required for insurance claims. We work directly with your carrier to maximize coverage. If desired, flexible financing options are available.


Your medical information remains private and secure, as mandated by HIPAA laws. Only necessary staff directly involved in your care access health records.

State-of-the-Art Facility

Located close to downtown Butler near Alameda Park, our newly renovated clinic utilizes advanced testing equipment and medical technology. Our modern design provides a comfortable, professional environment.

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